PlayStation 5 Cooling Fan to be Adjusted by Future Firmware Updates

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Yasuhiro Otori recently shared some new information about the PlayStation 5 cooling fan.

According to Otori, the PS5 cooling fan can be adjusted by upcoming firmware updates based from each game data that they will collect as it plays on the next-gen console system. It will be gathered from the APU or the Accelerated Processing unit.

Here’s what Otori had to say:

Various games will appear in the future, and APU behavior data for each game will be collected. Based on this, there is a plan to proceed with the optimization of fan control.

The PS5 cooling fan is quite large as seen from the dissection of the console system, but Otori insisted that it will be really quiet when it runs. This will be adjusted in future updates depending on the game being played on it.

PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12 on North America, Japan, and select few countries. The rest of the world will get it on November 19.

Interview source: 4Gamer