PlayStation 5 Designer Admits Redesigning Existing Controller was “Intimidating”

Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Art Director Yujin Morisawa was the one who designed the recently released next-gen console PlayStation 5. Incidentally, he was also the one who designed the DualSense controller.

Morisawa shared some interesting information about the next-gen controller in an exclusive interview with media outlet Fast Company.

According to the PS5 designer, redesigning SIE’s existing controller was “intimidating” at first. He even thinks that “the DualShock 4[on the PS4] is almost the perfect controller.” He does have a point to it though since the gaming company has been hard at work trying to perfect the ergonomics of their controllers and the DS4 came close to that. Many fans love the controller and to make a slight mistake to the new design would make them badly criticize them as a whole.

Morisawa did want the controller to be somewhat “like it came from the same planet” as the PS5. He wanted it to not look like the console, but just kind of related in a way like it was of the same species. He noted that it now has a better grip thanks to the small PlayStation core symbols, which made it have texture.

The DualSense looks like it would be a great company for players who would play the upcoming next-gen games. With its Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers, it makes the experience a whole lot immersive and new. It also seems the new design has appeased the gaming community and fans, so it is safe to say Morisawa’s work was successful.

PlayStation 5 is now available in the US, Japan, and select few territories. The rest of the world will get it on November 19.

Interview source: Fast Company