One PlayStation 5 Console of YouTuber No Longer Works

playstation 5

According to one YouTuber, his PlayStation 5 console does not work anymore.

PlayStation 5

While that might send some chills to your spine, everyone knows that some launch units might get released with issues. This is true for the PS3, PS4, and now for the PS5.

@JeremyPenter is one of those PS5 console reviewers who got their unit ahead of time and has played with it for a while. He now regretfully informs everyone on his YouTube channel and Twitter account that his review console is now dead even after Sony Interactive Entertainment support made efforts in troubleshooting but it all failed.

According to Penter, his PS5 unit has been having these issues after using an external hard drive to store and run some PS4 games (since PS5 games cannot run on it). He constantly gets this error where it asks him to rebuild the database for it to run smoothly. This then got worse and then at the last time, it just stopped working and would not power up.

This is the first time a report of a faulty unit was reported. There was one case recently with a retail store where an alleged next-gen console would not work, but in that case, it was the fault of the management since they put it inside a box.

PlayStation 5 will launch soon on November 12 in the US, Japan, and few select countries. The rest of the globe will have it on November 19.

Here’s Penter’s video about how his PS5 died: