PlayStation 5 Firmware Update Finally Fixes DualSense Bug

playstation 5

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently released a new firmware update for next-gen console system PlayStation 5.

DualSense Controller

Firmware update 21.01- has recently been rolled by SIE worldwide. Players who own the console system will be able to download this firmware right now and it should be done automatically or manually.

Since there was no announcement before this release, it is the usual improvement update for the system. As usual, the patch note says “This system software update improves system performance.” It does, however, prompts users to plug in the DualSense controller to update it too.

Reddit users have been saying that the update has finally fixed the error with the battery icon. Some rare cases revealed that the battery indicator would constantly blink even if the DualSense controller for fully charged. This new firmware has finally fixed it.

PlayStation 5 is now available.

Source: Reddit