First PlayStation 5 Firmware Update Promises Improvements

playstation 5

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently released the very first post-launch firmware update for the next-gen console PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5

SIE just dropped the very first post-launch system update for the console system and as usual, the patch notes are vague. This was released first for regions who got the console first like North America, Japan, and a few select countries. The rest of the world will have to download this first once it lands in their regions on November 19.

Many have reported that the installation size is about 868mb and it updates the system software to version 20.02-02.25.00. Again, the patch notes are vague as it only says “Improves system performance.”

This new firmware update hopefully fixes the many issues that the launch version of the next-gen console has like rest mode issues, DualSense randomly turning off during gameplay, and a few more.

PlayStation 5 is now available in Japan, US, and select few territories. The rest gets it on November 19.

Thanks IGN!