Upcoming Playstation 5 Games Might Become More Expensive to Make

The PlayStation 5 reveal event is coming close and many fans are very excited for it. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is very proud of this achievement and has been going around talking about the upcoming next-generation console and some of the things to look forward to.

Ryan did balance things out in information distribution. Aside from the good news, he also delivered somewhat bad, but very important news about the console and especially the games coming with it. He shared this new information recently with GamesIndustry.biz and here is what to expect.

With the reveal of the Unreal 5 demo that used the PS5’s hardware capability, it somehow made the gaming community ask if that project was expensive to make because it looked like it. That was something hard to achieve.

Ryan stated:

I think, to the extent that the technology enables the graphics side of it to become more interesting and life-like, [the games] will become slightly more human intensive and capital intensive to produce. So yes, we think there probably will be an increase in development budgets.

We don’t see it as being a massive increase, and that’s why we want to do more faster than we have ever done before, to provide a fertile install base for people who make games to be able to monetise against. If we can keep pace with a likely increase in development costs, then the industry can continue to prosper.

So there is a possibility that PS5 games will be a bit more expensive than the PS4 games due to the slight development budget increase from game developers. Hopefully it will not be too much of an impact for third-world countries. It is also possible that after flattening the curve of this global pandemic, the prices will go down and everything will go back to normal.

The PS5 is still coming on holidays 2020.

Interview source: GameIndustry.biz

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