PlayStation 5 New Firmware Update Improves DualSense Controller

playstation 5

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new firmware update for the next-gen console PlayStation 5.

DualSense Controller

The new update is version 20.02-02.30 and it is now available to download on all PS5 consoles worldwide. It has the same usual size of 868mb.

As usual, SIE has not revealed specific details about the changes that the firmware update introduces to the console. It is the usual “This system update improves system performance.”

This update has one peculiar difference. It asks the players to connect the PS5 DualSense controller to the next-gen console with the USB cable. It then shows the installation screen that instructs them to plug the controller so that it can be updated.

Since the patch notes does not reveal any details about anything, we can only speculate that the new update does something to the controller. It can perhaps improve the wireless connectivity or the battery life.

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.

Thanks VG247!