PlayStation 5 Price, Release, and Preorders Rumored to be Announced Soon

A source believes that more details of the upcoming next-gen console PlayStation 5 will be revealed next week.

PlayStation 5

This new rumor was posted on a Twitter account of Jeff Grubb’s infamous Summer Games Mess updates. It comes from Roberto Serrano and cited that the schedule for the reveal of the PS5 price, release date, and preorder will be on July 13. He also added TBC, which meant to be confirmed.

This rumor is somewhat reliable since Serrano was the one that confirmed the newly scheduled June 11 date for the PS5 Future of Gaming reveal event before Sony actually announced it to make it official. He also posted on different times about the price and release dates of both next-gen consoles, but yet to be confirmed since both companies have not made an official announcement.

Seranno also revealed that there is no planned event at this time related to PlayStation. This meant that the announcement might just come as a PlayStation Blog post or a social media announcement. He did say that it “might” get revealed on July 13 or even earlier. It is not a 100 percent prediction, but we will watch out for it in case this is legit.

Some have already speculated that the console system will be expensive, while others have come forward claiming it will be a lot affordable than anyone is speculating right now. Some say it is $600, but others it is close to $400 to $500 with the Digital Edition at $300.

Again, take these rumors with a grain of salt and let us wait for the official announcement from Sony Interactive Entertainment.