Some Media Outlets Might Be Getting PlayStation 5 Soon

PlayStation 5

It has been confirmed that there are some individuals out there that have the PlayStation 5 packaging and possibly other outlets will be getting the console soon.

DualSense Controller

In a recent tweet by The Giant Beastcast Co-Host and Giant Bomb Editor-at-Large Jeff Bakalar, he shared on his official account a short clip showcasing the box of the PS5 on the floor. He did not show the insides of the packaging, but it could be possible he already has the next-gen console in his home or at their studio.

It could be possible that Sony Interactive Entertainment is already sending the next-gen console to select media outlets right now for hands-on preview and possibly for future game reviews. There are also other individuals who already got an item related to the PS5 like Rapper Travis Scott and Soccer Star Robert Lewandowski showing off their DualSense controllers.

This will all depend on SIE on which media outlet or influencer that are worthy enough for the next-gen console hands-on. Only time will tell.

PlayStation 5 to be released on November 12 for the US, Japan, and select few countries. The rest of the world will get it on November 19.