Reports State Sony Interactive Entertainment Has Shipped 3.4 Million PlayStation 5 Units in First 4 Weeks

playstation 5

According to a report, game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has shipped a lot of PlayStation 5 units in its first four weeks since release.

The official Twitter account of Dr. Serkan Toto shared a link from media outlet Digitimes that revealed SIE has shipped about 3.4 million PS5s in its first four weeks. He noted that this is the highest ever for a PlayStation console.

It was also revealed that by next year, SIE will try to ship 16.8 to 18 million PS5s after a supply stream ramp-up. The website stated that there will be more units reserved for Asia this time in January 2021.

There was no official confirmation from SIE, but this could be possible. The Twitter user did warn that it should be taken by a grain of salt since this is not from Bloomberg.

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.