PlayStation 5 Rumored Not Getting Smart Delivery-like Method

PlayStation 5

A recent rumor floating around is revealing that Sony Interactive Entertainment might not implement a unified upgrade program for the PlayStation 4 games transferring to the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X’s Smart Delivery system is one of its biggest perks for the next-gen console system, which allows players to own one copy of the game and to own another version of the game on either the current-gen or the next-gen version. A lot of PlayStation fans were expecting for SIE to follow suit, but this might not be the case.

Japanese website Gamespark recently contacted SIE Japan in regards to recent Madden NFL 21 upgrade from PS4, Xbox One to PS5, Xbox Series X method respectively. The publication wanted to clarify with the PS4 to PS5 upgrade if it will be the same Smart Delivery system.

A translation was revealed by Twitter user Bk2128, which stated that SIE will leave it to the game publishers to decide if they will allow PS4 to PS5 upgrades. The company will not force them to implement the upgrades and they are free to set the rules and limitations.

Game publisher EA also confirmed that the upcoming sports game on PS4 physical form will not be able to upgrade to the digital version for PS5.

From what we can all gather here, SIE will not force game companies to make PS4 games upgrade to PS5 versions. It will be up to them to do so, unlike Microsoft that has the Smart Delivery system. Just hope the PS4 games you like and its publishers will have the idea of introducing PS5 upgrades so that you can play it on the next-generation console system.

As always, take all of these information with a grain of salt. It does have some truth to it.

Source: GameSpark via VG247

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