PlayStation 5 Sales Generated $3.8 Billion in Revenue

playstation 5

A new data has revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment’s newest console system PlayStation 5 has achieved a big milestone in terms of sale.

Media outlet Finbold recently revealed new data that states the PS5 has generated an estimated $3.8 billion in revenue from selling about 8.6 million consoles. This has the average price of $449.99 for each PS5 unit. Its competitor, the Xbox Series X/S has generated an estimated revenue of $2.04 billion globally and has sold 5.12 million units with an estimated $399.99 price per unit. Both consoles have sold a total revenue of $5.92 billion.

The data proves that the PS5 is winning the battle, but will it win the war? Who knows.

Still, it is still true that the shortage of supply for both console systems is not going away anytime soon with the global pandemic and the shortage of supply of its components. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will still not have plenty of supply for gamers to just walk in and purchase in retail stores.

Source: Finbold