PlayStation 5 Sales Not Accelerating Enough; Games Sales Now Free Falling

Sony has yet to deliver its promise.

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Sony has recently shared its financial results for both PlayStation 5 and its games and both are not doing that well.

The game company giant previously promised its fans that they would speed up the production of the PlayStation 5, but it seems they have not delivered it yet. Last year, the next-gen console shipped about 2.3 million and last June 30, 2022, it seems Sony has shipped 2.4 million consoles only. It is only a slight increase compared to what they promised a while back.

Sony made a forecast for this year a while back that it is expected to sell 18 million PS5 consoles. This was their promise after it sold 11.5 million last year. They now have three remaining quarters in order to sell 15.7 million consoles to reach that expectation. If they plan on doing so, they would have to drastic increase of production and sales than any quarter so far. It will be a difficult road, but it could happen.

Unfortunately, the PS4 and PS5 games sales are not doing so well. From its big sales of 63.6 million combined from both console versions, it has now gone down to 47.1 million.

Good news though: PS Plus subscriber members are now at 47.3 million, which is a one million increase from last year, but a bit down by 100K from last quarter. Also good news is the total sales of the PS5 console, which is now 21.7 million units worldwide.