PlayStation 5 Feature Lets Players Launch to Game Section Skipping OS

PlayStation 5

According to a now-removed article from a certain gaming publication, the awesome new feature of the PlayStation 5 was detailed further.

For some reason, the article was removed from the public, but it had vital information about the PS5 feature that allowed players to load specific sections of the game without launching the whole thing first, which is a pretty cool mechanic. It also included an interview with WC9 Director Alan Jarniou and Product Manager Sebastien Waxin.

Gematsu was able to archive it and according to the details, this PS5 Activities system will make players use instant delink links from the start menu to directly access races or parts of the game. Again, the same details discussed above. No more need to go through the whole PS5 OS, just direct to the game and to that exact part of it without any slowdowns or lags.

This was also discussed previously last year by Sony Architect Mark Cerny in a WIRED exclusive interview. With the new SSD hardware technology, it could be possible.

The PS5 will launch sometime in the holidays 2020.

Thanks VG247!