Report Reveals Some PlayStation 5 Consoles Have Different Fans with Bit Louder Sound

A recent report has discovered that there are other PlayStation 5 consoles that have a different fan and they sound louder than the others.

Credits: Les Numeriques

Media outlet Les Numeriques recently discovered this as one of their users and writers have noticed that one of their PS5s is quiet while the other was a bit louder. While Sony Interactive Entertainment claims that their fans are whisper quiet, what they got was not like that.

In order to find out, the media outlet disassembled the PS5 with a louder fan and found out something interesting. They also disassembled the one with similar whisper quiet fans and compared the two. They found out that the fan models were quite different especially with its blades. This was the obvious reason why the other PS5 was a bit louder.

To test it further, they tried it out with an audio test. The sound difference was only a little bit, but they guarantee that anyone would notice the difference right away especially if the room was quiet.

Before anyone else wants to find out how to know which ones are quieter and are louder, there is no way to differentiate between them, for now. Model numbers seem to be not the method. The media outlet did say that SIE is not doing anything wrong here and they have the right to choose which parts they want to use in building a PS5 unit.

It is quite interesting to know that there are different fan models used for the PS5. Also, the fan sound is not that annoying in reality. The blu ray disc drive might be more of an annoyance though as some console owners report. Some stated that it would spin loudly whenever it would load data from the game disc.

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.

Source: Les Numeriques via DualShockers