Strange PlayStation 5 Bug Causes Disc to Spin Every Hour Without Specific Reason

playstation 5

A new strange bug has been identified on the PlayStation 5 and this one causes the disc inside the drive to spin every hour for no reason at all.

PlayStation 5 go brrr~

This bug has been seen on the PS5’s standard edition and this disc-spinning phenomenon happens every hour since it has been powered on. Of course, this happens with the previous console, PS4, but only when it tries to access data from the disc. It also happens when booting up the console and when the game disc is inserted into the drive. After that, it never happens again unless loading data from the disc and never periodically.

The PS5, however, has the bug and it sometimes happens even playing with a different game in digital form. The weird part is that it happens at hourly intervals.

“I have the disc for Ghost of Tsushima in my PS5 at the moment and it spins up even if I’m playing Spider-Man or Demon’s Souls. I can understand it needing to check that the disc is still there, but surely it shouldn’t need to spin it that quickly/loudly to do so,” a Redditor posted.

Some PS5 owners also noticed that the bug also happens when messing around with the console settings. It is harmless and does not cause any console-breaking issues, to say the least, but it is quite strange. Hopefully this is not an indication to something much worse.

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.

Source: Reddit and ResetEra via VG247