PlayStation 5 Tech Will Allow Game Artists To Achieve Near Film-Like VFX


According to some developers, the upcoming next generation console PlayStation 5 technology will allow game artists to achieve their dream of next generation visual effects.

PlayStation 5 technology will achieve some awesome next gen VFX

IO Interactive lighting artist Stefania Hernandez recently said that the PS5’s ray tracing technology will help create more detailed 3D environments, utilizing accurate light bounces, reflections, and shadows.

Hernandez also talked about the difference between current-gen and next-gen technology in terms of realism:

With the current-generation tech, a lot of the in-game reflections are made using ‘reflection spheres,’ which are not very accurate. When placing a light in a scene we add additional ‘light bounces’ to make it look believable. The new ray tracing technology produces accurate light bounces, reflections, and shadows bringing out many of the details in 3D environments. This makes the overall picture look and feel much more realistic.

Lighting plays a big role in setting the mood and feel of a game and I believe this can help towards a more immersive gaming experience for the player. I believe that we are nearing a point where it will be possible to get a visual gaming experience much closer to the one currently achieved only by pre-rendered scenes.

Ubisoft Toronto 3D artist Marco Barrettara agreed to this as well. If ray tracing is utilized properly, fans can expect to see more photographic lighting and surfacing consumers are used to seeing in VFX shots for films or animated movies.

Hernandez continued that the game artists are excited to work on next-gen hardware particularly because the upgraded technology allows them to make more complex lighting setups.

PS5 will launch sometime in the holidays 2020.

Source: GamesRadar via PlayStationLifestyle