PlayStation 5 UK Stocks Shortage Continue Due to Scalpers Gaining Thousands of Units

playstation 5

According to media outlet Business Insider, one of the causes for the shortage of PlayStation 5 stocks in the UK is due to some scalpers.

It was revealed in a report that the scalper group known as CrepChiefNotify has acquired around 3,500 PS5 units with the use of bots. These guys notified their members when the consoles were in stock and then allowed them to skip the lines so that they can easily get their units without problems.

At launch, the scalper group gained up to 2,472 consoles. It was that much even though they promised that they might get just under 1,000 pre-orders last September.

Now some scalpers have been selling their stocks of PS5s to the public recently at super-high prices. Sometimes it would be double the original price. Some might be desperate and purchase it right away, but it is always prudent to get one later on where stocks will be abundant.

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.

Source: Business Insider via VG247