Sony Interactive Entertainment Announces 4.5 Million PlayStation 5 Units Sold Since Launch

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed the number of PlayStation 5 consoles sold since its launch.

SIE recently published its earning results for Q3 FY2020 and that included the PS5 launch. They shared that the new-gen console has sold 4.5 million units since November 13, 2020. That meant in just two months. Even though the supply has been quite low and no stock on retail stores, they are still saying the PS5 launch was its biggest console launch ever.

The game company is planning to sell more by the end of fiscal year, they are predicting 3 million more units. This meant that they want to match or even exceed the PS4 shipments way back on 2013-2014. It was revealed though that the old-gen console sales have been in decline. It has currently sold only 1.4 million units during the quarter.

SIE also shared an important fact. The PS5 was being sold at a loss. They clarified that their operating income took a hit due to the manufacturing costs of the new-gen console. This meant that they had to lower the hardware prices than they actually cost to manufacture.

It will be interesting to see if they can actually manage to recover those losses later on.

Source: Nikkei via VG247