Sony to Talk about Other Colors of PlayStation 5 When Time Is Right

PlayStation 5

The hands-on impressions of the DualSense controller by Geoff Keighley recently ended, but there were some questions that many fans wanted to ask. One of those inquiries, a very important one at that, was the alternate colors for the upcoming PlayStation 5 and DualSense controller. Good thing Keighley has our backs.

Hopefully true.

During Keighley’s interview with PlayStation Head of Worldwide Marketing Eric Lempel, he asked about alternate colors for the PS5 next-gen console and the DualSense controller. Lempel answered that they will be talking about that at some point, but for now they will be focusing on getting one unit out for the PS5 launch.

With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, it is indeed difficult to produce and ship the next-gen consoles to all countries around the world. The fans are still curious if there will be varieties of such. There was already an image posted recently of a different color scheme: dominant black with red LEDs.

PlayStation 5 and the DualSense controller will launch sometime holidays 2020.

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