PlayStation Free to Play Games Reportedly Getting Ads

Report suggests the ads will be in-game just like the ones seen in some sports games.

PlayStation Communities

A new report claims Sony Interactive Entertainment is possibly working on a plan to put ads on PlayStation free to play games.

Media outlet Business Insider reported that their sources say SIE is now investigating ways to encourage developers in continuing to develop free-to-play games. These games have gotten quite popular lately, which could be the reason for SIE to capitalize on this. They are now looking for new ways to monetize these developers and one of them is to put ads in their games.

The current method SIE is using right now for ads is just limited to in-menu ads and via streaming video on certain apps. These ads can be used by published and developers to promote their games on the PlayStation Store.

SIE is now working on other methods to put ads and are partnering up with adtech partners. They are now looking into putting ads directly in-game just like what other games did previously like digital billboards in sports games. One NBA 2K title had that method but the developers were criticized at one point.

Business Insider says SIE going to rule out collecting personal information like emails and names. They are also being strict about carefully examining these adtech companies for its private marketplace.