PlayStation Game Pass Project Spartacus New Details Leaked

New details look very promising!

New details about the PlayStation Game Pass competitor called Project Spartacus have been leaked by an insider recently and they look promising.

There have been rumors about this new PlayStation subscription service and it is said to be the “competitor” to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. This would then tie together the PS Plus and PS Now subscription services into one plus other services that many fans would not want to pass up. While it was the contents of each tier that got revealed the last time, this new one talks about the pricing for each.

Games Beat’s Jeff Grub shared new details about Project Spartacus in the recent episode of his Giant Bomb show Grubbsnax. He reconfirms that Project Spartacus is all true and it will have three tiers to choose from. He says it will still be called PlayStation Plus but it will now have additional labels, which are Essential, Extra, and Premium. They will be priced at $10, $13, and $16 a month respectively.

For PS+ Essential, it will include the current PS+ offer: access to multiplayer and a few free games to get. PS+ Extra will offer more, which includes the same PS+ content plus access to a catalog of video games like the Xbox Game Pass. This will be the PS Now library of games, but without the cloud requirement. PS+ Premium is just how it is called, premium. It essentially offers the same thing as PS+ Extra plus more including PS Now cloud streaming, game trials, and access to classic games, which could possibly be PS1 to PS3 titles.

No official announcements yet to confirm all of this. Take this with a grain of salt for now.