PlayStation Hackers Claim Big Progress on PS5 Security

And the gates of PS5 security have been breached.

Popular hacking group Fail0verflow has recently announced that they have made major progress on the PS5’s security, making the next-gen console “jailbroken” possible in the near future.

The recent progress that the group has achieved today was gaining access to the internal PS5 root keys. This is a section of the PS5 where they use to decrypt parts of the console’s firmware. No other details have been revealed though and they have no plans to share more information about it until they have made more progress.

According to the post on the group’s Twitter account, they posted, “We got all (symmetric) ps5 root keys. They can all be obtained from software – including per-console root key, if you look hard enough!” and “Another one bites the dust”

Jailbreaking the PS5 next-gen console system might be far from happening, but with this announcement, that has become a big possibility. It might take a long while, but there will come a time someone will reveal that they will have a jailbroken PS5, just like the past PlayStation consoles.

Fail0verflow was also the one who made the PS3 jailbreaking possible as they broke the code for its PS3 security system. They made it possible to gain full control of the console and what it could run on. They also hacked the PS5 and made Linux and other custom firmware run on the Nintendo switch.

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