PlayStation Handheld Reportedly Launching Later But Has One Condition

Down, fanboi. It's not the Vita 2.0.

A new report claims that Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning a PlayStation handheld but it has one hiccup.

According to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, this alleged upcoming new PlayStation handheld is now being planned, but it has one condition: it will need a PS5 in order to operate. This will not be a standalone handheld like the legendary PS VITA.

The reportedly new handheld is codenamed ‘Q Lite’ and will be purely a Remote Play device that will support up to 1080p 60fps gaming for the PS5. It will not be able to play offline games like the PS VITA and has no cloud streaming features.

The report also revealed that there are early prototypes of the console describing it to be a lot similar to the PS5 DualSense controller, but with one difference: a massive eight-inch LCD touchscreen in the center. This handheld will have an adaptive trigger system, and the usual audio features like volume buttons, speakers, and an audio jack.

For its possible release window, Henderson says that it is still in the QA phase of development and could launch between the times when the detachable disc drive PS5 version (around September 2023) and the alleged PS5 Pro (late 2024). Sony has not shared a statement to confirm or deny these new reports.

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