PlayStation Mobile Loses Yet Another Executive

Another exec has left the mobile division.

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The division of PlayStation Mobile has lost another top executive after its leadership got changed.

It was recently reported by that the former Managing Director of Savage Game Studios Michail Katkoff has now announced his departure from the company less than a year after it got acquired by Sony.

“I’d like to believe I’ve done my fair part in taking the company from zero to one,” Katkoff said on LinkedIn. “Now I’m eager to watch from the side as Nadjim and Mike take it from one to one hundred.

Michail Katkoff

“In the same breath, I wish nothing but the best to Olivier Courtemarche and Kris Davis who are leading PlayStation’s charge onto mobile. Can’t wait to play all the amazing games from all the fantastic developers!”

Katkoff was one of the co-founders of Savage Game Studios together with Nadjim Adir, and Michael McManus. It was a relatively new studio established in 2020.

Just recently, Nicola Sebastiani left the division as well. He was an executive of PlayStation Mobile and was appointed in 2021. He had previously led Apple Arcade.

New blood must be coming in since the old executives are slowly departing from left to right. It is possible that Sony has new plans for the mobile division as it was always interested in it. Its rival, Microsoft, even had plans to acquire Square Enix at one time to gain knowledge about mobile gaming so PlayStation knows that it is profitable.