PlayStation Network Down for PS4 and PS5

Services are currently having issues.

PlayStation Communities

PlayStation Network down right now for users of the PS4 and PS5 in the US, according to new reports.

According to several sources, the PlayStation Network in the US is experiencing a major outage. No word yet on how widespread the problem is, but it is clear that PSN US is down and other regions, specifically Asia, are okay. Sony Interactive Entertainment also specified the features that are currently having issues.

Several PS4 and PS5 users have now filed reports on the Down Detector website. Some have said that they were not able to log into their accounts, others the inability to make a new account. Some have also reported that they were not able to properly launch any apps on their PlayStation consoles and streaming is the biggest feature that got impacted.

SIE has now acknowledged that their store is having problems on both PS4 and PS5. According to the PlayStation Network Status, it shows that three services are currently on the red. It indicated Account Management, Gaming and Social, and the PlayStation Store having network issues. This will make it difficult for users to log into their accounts or manage them, possibly play online multiplayer, and buy games or downloadable content for their games.

The PSN support page said that the problems started around 12:30 PM CT. No word yet on when the services will be coming back online again.

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