PlayStation Network Having Problems On Global Scale

Several players have recently reported that they have been having some issues for a while now on the PlayStation Network.

PlayStation Network has some connectivity problems

Several PS4 players recently complained about some connectivity issues with PSN over the past several hours. Redditors revealed that these problems consist of failure of launching games, issues with general connectivity, and difficulty of signing in with accounts.

PSN official site confirmed that there were some problems with the Gaming and Social, which made it difficult for players to able to launch apps and games, and connect to friends to chat or make a party with. The most common code seen by the complainants is Error NP-39225-1.

The good thing is that not everyone is affected of this issue. Still, many PS4 owners are still complaining and more reports are coming in.

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment did not give a solid answer as to why this issue is happening to many PSN account holders. It could be due to lockdowns happening around the world, or there could be another reason altogether.

Thanks VG247. Sources: Reddit, PSN