PlayStation Reportedly Planning On New Service to Compete with Xbox Game Pass

Codename Spartacus to rival the Game Pass!

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According to a new report, Sony Interactive Entertainment is now planning on a new subscription service that could rival the Xbox Game Pass.

Media outlet Bloomberg report that their sources claim this new subscription service is now in the planning stages. It is code named Spartacus and will allow PlayStation owners to pay a monthly fee to access to a catalog of modern and classic games. It will most likely be available on the PS4 and PS5 console systems.

Spartacus is expected to launch this coming Spring 2022 and it will merge the two existing subscription plans, which are PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. PS Plus is needed for online multiplayer for most games and gives away free games monthly while PS Now offers games that can be streamed or download classic titles. The documents that Bloomberg reviewed suggest that PS Plus will remain, but PS now will be phased out.

The documents might not be the final version, but it does outline the Spartacus subscription service in three tiers. First it will include all of the benefits of the PS Plus. The second one is the large lineup of games from the PS4 and possibly the PS5. The third tier will be the addition of extended demos, games streaming, and a library of classic titles from the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP.

No official comment yet from SIE after Bloomberg tried to reach out. The PS Plus has good line up of free games, but not as good as being offered by the Xbox Game Pass with its vast catalog of games in its library.

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