PlayStation Productions Website Hints at MediEvil Film or TV Adaptation

We might be getting a TV Show or movie of Sir Daniel!

MediEvil Remake hero

It has been revealed in a trailer of the PlayStation Productions website that MediEvil might be getting a film or TV adaptation soon.

A new trailer on the PlayStation Productions website has revealed a hint that a MediEvil movie or TV show might be coming in the future. For those who do not know, the PlayStation Productions is a studio that was formed way back in 2019 by Sony Interactive Entertainment to adapt its popular titles for film and TV shows in partnership with Sony Pictures.

The video showed a blue light scanning over various statues that were based on familiar characters from popular titles. These statues featured in the video have either already been released or confirmed for upcoming adaptations. One of them was the pair of legs of Sir Daniel Fortesque, the protagonist of the MediEvil games. Other statues were based on Aloy from Horizon, Kratos from God of War, Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us, and Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series.

PlayStation Productions has not confirmed or denied these new allegations, but it could make a statement soon after this news blew up.