PlayStation Stars Arrives in Asia Today

Schedules for other regions are also revealed.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently announced that PlayStation Stars has now arrived in Asia.

According to SIE, the new initiative PlayStation Stars has finally arrived in Asia, which will celebrate a player’s achievements with campaigns and the ability to earn rewards like points and digital collectibles.

SIE still has plans to expand to more territories in the future and this global rollout is just the beginning. They still have plans to evolve the program by adding new features, rewards, benefits, and more.

Here are the launch dates for PlayStation Stars:

  • Asia, including Japan: September 29, 2022
  • North and South America: October 5, 2022
  • Europe and Australia: October 13, 2022

Aside from the launch dates, SIE also shared some important details about the PlayStation Stars program. According to the company, this program is free to join but players will need to have an adult account for PSN and accept its Terms of Service. There is no need for a PS Plus membership to join this program.

To access PlayStation Stars, players will only need to open the PlayStation App on iOS and Android. It can also open it on the official website of PlayStation. There are plans to expand it on console devices.

To earn rewards with PlayStation Stars, players will need to complete a variety of campaigns and activities. There is a Monthly Check-In campaign that only needs them to play any game. There are other campaigns that will need them to earn specific trophies or earn a platinum trophy. These campaigns will be updated regularly.

Players who complete the objectives can earn two types of rewards, which are loyalty points and digital collectibles. The points can be exchanged for various stuff like PSN wallet funds, exclusive digital collectibles, and select PlayStation Store products. They can even earn points by just buying something on PlayStation Store.

The digital collectibles are rendered, digital representations of things that fans like. This includes figurines of iconic characters from games and other types of entertainment. These collectibles can range from regular to ultra-rate collectibles. They can then display them in a case within the PlayStation App.

Joining the PlayStation Stars program will earn them the Star Gazer Telescope. Digital collectibles are not unique, which means they cannot be resold or traded. They are just collectibles for display.

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