Playstation VR Headset Will Be Compatible with Upcoming Playstation 5 Console

PlayStation 5

The whole PlayStation 5 console system and its two versions were revealed a few days ago featuring several accessories like the DualSense controller, HD camera, charging stand, 3D Pulse headset, and several PS5 games. Everybody was excited of its reveal with its great and clean presentation, but there were a few questions that many viewers wanted to ask. One of those is where is the new PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset?

Sony’s PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan answers that question in a recent interview with CNet.

According to Ryan, the PlayStation 5 Reveal Event did not feature a new PlayStation VR headset because they did not need to. He revealed that the latest version of the PS VR is compatible with the PS5 console system. This also indicates that there will be PS VR games coming to the upcoming next-generation console when it launches this coming holidays or in the coming months.

There was also the question of the HD camera if it will be bundled together with the PS5 console inside the box. He clarified that the HD camera will be available as a peripheral and must be purchased separately.

Ryan did not give any explanation on the other accessories like the 3D Pulse Headset, charging stand, and media remote control. If I were to speculate, the charging stand and the media remote control are the most likely accessories to be added to the box, while the 3D Pulse Headset is the less likely. Hopefully Ryan or someone from Sony Interactive Entertainment can prove me wrong.

The PlayStation 5 console will be available this coming holiday 2020.

Interview source: CNet

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