PlayStation VR – Hold Off Your Urge to Buy One

I pre-ordered PlayStation VR (PSVR) and got it on launch date. Along with the PSVR and PS Camera bundle is the PlayStation VR Demos. The demo included Guerilla Games’ RIGS: Mechanized Combat, Rebellion’s Battlezone, Sony’s PlayStation VR Worlds, and some others. At first, I was overwhelmed with the experience, especially in the RIGS demo.

Then I tried the underwater experience in PlayStation VR Worlds, and the experience just became dull; it wasn’t interactive. Now, the question lies: was it worth buying the PlayStation VR or did I just waste $449 on an expensive furniture? It’s beginning to feel that it was a waste of money.

It may feel that way now, but my hopes in the future that developers will create more full-experience VR games still stands. I must say, the VR games currently available just either gives you a whole 2-3 hours of gameplay (or even lesser than that), and then it’s done – no reasons to go back in the virtual world again and just move on to the next VR game.


When Robinson: The Journey launched, I was excited and I got to review the actual game. I thought it was the VR game that would change the tide of every VR title. But it wasn’t the game I was expecting it to be. I love dinosaurs, no doubt. It’s the most visually appealing and realistic VR game to date; but the longevity of the game was disappointing, less interactive moments, and the motion sickness I got was deeply dreadful. This is due to the fact that you can walk in the game with your controller and that your mind wants you to think that you’re moving, but you’re not – if you want to argue about RIGS, then it’s invalid because you’re in a mech-suit. Motion sickness is a real issue especially with people who has low tolerance. Fortunately, not all games give you this kind of problem though but it’s still a major concern throughout some games.

The launch titles didn’t live up to the PSVR’s hype of a consumer friendly-price device that provides an immersive experience. There are VR games that costs $59.99 or $39.99, and some games with little things to do in VR costs about $29.99 and below.


Knowing that there are highly-anticipated titles coming like Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian, the VR platform would be barren wasteland until companies will have a dedicated team to focus on VR games – it’s not yet the case, and this might change in 2017, but who knows? Consumers would rather buy Battlefied 1, Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Final Fantasy XV, Gears Of War 4, and other AAA games they’re waiting for.

I have to say my PSVR is already getting visitors from the dust world. I only get to use it if developers would provide us review codes to review certain VR titles, but I wouldn’t spend $59.99 or $39.99 for a VR game which I can instead spend for Final Fantasy XV or The Last Guardian, or even save it up for a Nintendo Switch!

If developers would focus on addressing the issue with motion sickness, create more inventive and interactive experiences, and lasting replayability then I’ll have to say that VR is actually ready to be a platform that consumers will consider buying. But for now, I would highly suggest that you should hold off your urge to buy a PSVR this coming holidays until the library of games will expand. I hope Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One – X-Wing VR Missions will be great. Fingers crossed.