Pokémon UNITE Update Finally Adds Pokémon Dragapult

It's the 47th Pokemon to join up!

One more Pokémon just got added to Pokémon UNITE recently with a new update just before the year ends.

One more attacker just got added to the roster with a new update. The game regularly gets an update to add new characters to give players a bigger range of Pokémon to play with in this game. It just enhances the strategic factor of the game even further.

Dragapult has now joined the roster, which is the 47th Pokémon in this MOBA game. While it was revealed this was the new Pokémon to join, it will not be available to acquire before New Year. To redeem it, players will need to spend 575 Aeos Gems or $8.50. This will be a Pokémon that can be purchased with real money. They can get Dragapult with Aeos Coins one week after its release, which is January 5, 2023.

For players who are curious, Dragapult is an attacker that deals physical ranged damage and has a high mobility and offensive stats. It has an ability called the Phantom Force that turns it invisible.

Pokémon UNITE is now available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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