Portal RTX Release Date Officially Revealed

We have an official release date!

Nvidia has officially revealed the Portal RTX release date.

Portal RTX Release Date

The original Portal game will be getting an awesome visual upgrade with the RTX DLC soon. It was actually teased a few months ago and now it will become a reality. It will be released on December 8, 2022 on Steam.

Free for Everyone!

The best news from this announcement is its availability. Players who already have the game in their Steam libraries can get the RTX DLC for free. Those who do not have the game and who plan to buy it or perhaps get it for free from some promo can still get the DLC for free.

Portal with a Glow Up

Portal RTX will be compatible with any GPU capable of ray tracing. It offers reimagined graphics with full ray tracing, new hi-res textures, enhanced models and more. This will improve immersion, graphical realism, and the overall gameplay experience.

After installation, players can choose between playing the original version or Portal RTX.

portal rtx release date

Portal RTX launches on December 8, 2022.