Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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Ubisoft Original’s Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is out now and we have nothing but praise for this seemingly innovative action-adventure platformer where time and death have little meaning. Players take up the twin blades of Sargon, one of the Immortals sent to save the Prince of Persia who is trapped in an unknown land. The mission quickly goes sideways and it’s up to you to somehow finish what was started without getting lost in the maelstorm of time.

In this guide, I’ll tell you what you need to know if you’re attempting to get all the trophies in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. With all the user-friendly features implemented in this title, it would be hard not to get all the trophies in one fell swoop.

There are a modest 31 trophies to collect in the game, spread across several tasks including beating bosses and fully upgrading gear.

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 5 Gold trophies
  • 14 Silver trophies
  • 11 Bronze trophies

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Prince of Persia: Acquire all Trophies

Gold trophies

  • The End of Time: Defeat the god prince
  • Blessing of Shamsir: Fully upgrade sword and bow
  • Tools of a Prophet: Collect all amulets
  • Elixir of Gods: Acquire all Some Tree petals
  • Charitable Soul: Complete every side quest

Silver trophies

  • The Maneater: Defeat the king of beasts
  • The Forest Trespasser: Defeat the otherworldly queen
  • Snake in the Sand: Defeat the banished god
  • Fists & Arrows: Defeat the artful legend
  • The Storm Master: Defeat the mighty master
  • The White Lion: Defeat the vengeful prince
  • King of Kings: Defeat the king
  • A Warrior’s End: Defeat the old general
  • Time Served: Eliminate the Jailer
  • Warrior Within: Use every Athra Surge
  • Glory of Faravahar: Fully upgrade the necklace
  • Written in the Sand: Complete the prophecy fresco
  • Tree of Life: Speak with every Wak-Wak head
  • The True Moon: Complete the Moon Gatherer’s quest

Bronze trophies

  • Parallel Universe: Defeat an alternate version
  • Cyra’s Last Hope: Find the Herbalist’s last camp
  • Spectre of the Seas: Discover the ghost ship
  • Hidden Floor: Discover a secret floor
  • Betrayal: Eliminate an enemy with the Dimensional Claw
  • Natural Resources: Collect 5 ores
  • Shock Trooper: Eliminate 20 enemies with an opportunity attack
  • An Honorable End: Defeat a Lost Warrior
  • All the Time in the World: Earn 10,000 Time Crystals
  • Air Dancer: Eliminate 30 enemies in the air
  • Deadly Trap: Eliminate 5 enemies by throwing them into spikes
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The trophy run for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is relatively simple compared to other Metroidvanias. This is due in most part to the game’s best feature, the Memory Shards. This allows the player to take snapshots from specific locations in the game world to be marked as areas that require the corresponding Time Power that the player acquires later on in Sargon’s journey.

Additionally, there are no trophies that require you to do ‘death-less runs’. Or difficulty-based completions. You need only to progress in the difficulty you are most comfortable with. From what we can tell, the game’s story will run for 20+ hours with an estimated completion time of around 25 hours.

There are nine side quests in the game:

  • The Lost Warriors
  • Prophecy of Mount Qaf (Written in the Sand)
  • Ancient Power Unearthered
  • The Deserter
  • The Moon Gatherer (The True Moon)
  • Motherly Love
  • Treasures of the Seven Seas
  • The Impossible Climb
  • The Architect

You get the ‘An Honorable End’ bronze trophy after completing the first part of the Lost Warriors side quest. The ‘A Warrior’s End’ Silver trophy is unlocked after defeating the old general and completing the entirety of the Lost Warriors side quest.

The True Moon Silver trophy is unlocked after completing the Moon Gatherer’s side quest. This involves you finding five moon fragments in as many locations and delivering them to the scholar.

The rest of the side quests can be best described as fetch quests, for better or worse. It should be noted that some quest locations are only accessible with the Fabric of Time power. Completing all side quests in the game will earn you the Charitable Soul Gold trophy.

There are a number of collectibles in the game that are needed to eventually get the Platinum trophy. Even with the modest number of collectibles for a Metroidvania game, it will still take a bit of back tracking and puzzle solving to get them all.

  • Elixir of Gods
  • Natural Resources
  • Tools of a Prophet
  • Written in the Sand

For the Tools of a Prophet Gold trophy, you need to find and obtain all 37 Amulets throughout the map. These can be found in hidden chests accessibble through Time Powers or rewards at the end of quests. The same can also be said about the Soma Tree petals for the Elixir of Gods Gold trophy.

There are 30 Sand jars to collect in total for the Written in the Sand Silver trophy. They are spread across almost every location in the map, often at the end of deadly obstacle courses. All in the effort to complete the prophecy fresco.

The Tree of Life Silver trophy is an easily missed one. It requires you to talk to every Wak-Wak head in the game. To make progress with the trophy, you need to interact with the tree and select the “Talk” option. Fortunately for us, the location of each tree is marked on the map and you can easily to return to them during your final sweep of trophies.

While you’re at it, you can swap out your Athal Surge while at the Wak-Wak tree. Using all the Athra Surges available in the game will unlock the Warrior Within Silver trophy.

To get the Hidden Floor Bronze trophy, you’ll need to buy the Lost Key from the Scrapper and then take the Citadel Elevator to take you to the Hidden Floor map location.

Both the Spectre of the Seas and Cyra’s Last Hope Bronze trophies are only doable after obtaining the ‘Fabric of Time’ power. In the case of the latter, you can find the Herbalist’s last camp in the Hyrcanian Forest. As for the former, you will need to find the hidden village that located somewhere in the same forest. The ghost ship is accessible from that location.

The rest of the trophies constitute combat challenges and boss battles. To help you with the battles ahead and make progress on your Platinum trophy, tak to Kaheva to have your sword and bow fully upgraded (Blessing of Shamshir Gold trophy) and find all the amulet holders (Glory of Farvalar Silver trophy)

And that’s everything I have for this Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown trophy guide. It’s not everyday that Ubisoft Originals releases a diamond in the rough but I’m glad that this new take on the series’ signature time powers worked out as well as it did in a Metroidvania type of game. It also helped the game has some small similarities to the original DOS game, at least when it comes to the verticality. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the series next. But only time will tell where the series goes from here.