Project Magnum Official Teaser Trailer Showcases Amazing Visuals

Be amazed of this new game's beautiful visuals and fast-paced gameplay.

Game company Nexon has recently released a new teaser trailer for upcoming looter-shooter video game tentatively named Project Magnum.

The newest trailer showed off some of the best visuals to date with very detailed character designs, monstrous enemies, and characters that use guns, melee weapons and powers.

It seems this game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and it is the job of these gun-wielding individuals to fend off the invaders that have devastated the planet. The enemies are no slouch either since they come in various sizes and shapes with armor, heavy firepower, and also with abilities. Some of them do not seem to be humans in shape though.

According to the trailer description, Project Magnum is a PC and console based game that combines RPG play with third-person shooter combat. Players will be using various skills, actions, and guns to fight off these various enemies including one big monster that the trailer features.

Project Magnum still has no official release date and specific platforms. It is confirmed though based on the trailer title and description that it will be coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC.