Project Mugen First PV Reveal Showcases Gameplay and More

More waifus, interesting story, and more!

Netease Games has announced a new upcoming video game Project Mugen with a new trailer.

Netease Games is a Chinese game company that is currently the publisher of this new game called Project Mugen. The new trailer showed its gameplay featuring the ability to traverse via “Spider-Man web-slinging”, flashy combat, and exploring the town by driving various vehicles.

To make it better, this is a free-to-play gacha game. Players can now pre-register to play the game when it launches when it becomes available on PC, mobile devices, PS4, and PS5.

“Project Mugen is our love letter to urban fantasies,” said Marketing Manager Riten Huang. “We wanted to create a world that players could relate to, yet find enough mysteries to keep them coming back. The city is alive, and every player will have their unique journey through it.”

Thunder Fire Studio subsidiary Naked Rain is the one handling Project Mugen’s development. Netease Games’ Ethan Wang stated: “Today’s unveiling of Project Mugen extends beyond this announcement; it represents NetEase Games’ spirit of global collaboration, creativity, and innovation to push the envelope in interactive storytelling.”

Players will take on the role of an Esper, an investigator tasked with visiting various cities and confronting supernatural occurrences.” Here’s the description: “Dive deep into the mysteries, explore the city life, and forge unforgettable memories with your companions. As players navigate through the game, they’ll embark on a quest to recover lost memories, confront challenges in various distinct cities, and work to unlock the key to saving the world.”

The game still has no release date yet.