Project Q Cancellation Confirmed by Ubisoft

One of the three unannounced games finally confirmed.

Ubisoft has officially confirmed the cancellation of Project Q, the mysterious upcoming PvP battle arena game that got teased last year.

In a new statement given to media outlet Eurogamer, a Ubisoft spokesperson has confirmed that the company will no longer the development of Project Q. Its plans are now to focus on priority projects, and the teams involved will be reallocated to others.

“We can confirm we will no longer support the development of Project Q in order to focus on priority projects, to which our teams are being reallocated,” said the Ubisoft spokesperson in a statement.

This coincides with the previous report that Ubisoft has canceled three unannounced titles and has delayed its upcoming pirate ship game Skull and Bones for the sixth time. It has been reported that Ubisoft is currently in dire straits with low sales of its recent titles and stocks have plummeted, just to name a few.

So little information has trickled down the ears of the public about Project Q, but it was announced formally way back in April 2022. It was a PvP battle arena and there were undergoing several rounds of closed beta testing all throughout last year. Other than that, Ubisoft shared artwork that might have featured the playable characters involved in the game. It was even confirmed that the team did not have any plans to add NFTs.

Only two more unannounced games to be revealed!