Ubisoft CEO Allegedly Stated 2023 is Crucial Year for Company

"The ball is in your court."

A new report claims the Ubisoft CEO has stated that 2023 is a crucial year for the company.

According to a new report by Kotaku’s Ethan Gach on Twitter, CEO Yves Guillemot has recently sent out an internal email to company staff. According to the post, the CEO says that the next year is crucial and that “the ball is in your court” to deliver ontime/onbudget.

Recently, Ubisoft has been in a tough patch with so many financial and development issues. Three games got canceled, one title gets delayed, stocks plummeted, and a few more problems. Previous years have not been kind like that one time when there was an attempt of a hostile takeover by another company. It has defended itself successfully and hopefully, this time around it will be the same.

Guillemot has told the staff to give their best with their full energy and commitment to ensure they get back on the path to success. Gach says the CEO calls the upcoming pipeline the best in Ubisoft history. He already has plans to reveal when the upcoming E3 event this year arrives.