PS5 Pro Rumored to be Development

Could be true, but no official announcements yet.

A new report claims that the PS5 Pro is now in development and has the possibility of launching later next year.

Media outlet Insider Gaming claims that a big iteration of the PS5 console is currently in development right now. Before it was reported that a new PS5 model was going to be released later this year and will have a detachable disc drive, but this is not the PS5 Pro model that everyone has been waiting for.

Now, a new share revealed that a new PS5 Pro is now in development. Details are quite limited for now, but there is a certain specific feature that might be coming to the console. It was spotted by @Onion00048 that Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning to accelerate ray tracing performance in video games. It is speculated that this upcoming console will have better visuals, performance and speeds.

Of course this is still not an official announcement, so fans might have to wait a while before they could be happy of this new development.