PS Plus Essential September 2023 Free Game Leaked Early

How the tables have turned.

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A new rumor has revealed the PS Plus Essential September 2023 headliner free game.

Reliable leaker billbil-kun has recently revealed yet again a new leak just like their previous reveals, the free games that will be available on the upcoming PS Plus Essential lineup. While previously, the posts included three games, this time around, billbil-kun only revealed one title and this is quite a big leak since it is a very recent title.

According to the leaker, the next free game that will be coming for PS Plus Essential September 2023 is the controversial video game Saints Row 2022 reboot. When it launched, it divided the gaming community due to its story, gameplay, bugs, issues, and a lot that got mixed in together on launch. Even after the developers released new content for the game, it seemed players just ignored it completely and moved on to other games.

Now that it is going to be free to redeem via PS Plus, it might gain more players. It might be a sudden short surge though, but at least it gains more players with this method.

No word yet when the official announcement will be coming, but it should be near.

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