PS Plus and Now Subscribers Get Better Deal When New PS Plus Drops

We've found a loophole that'll save you a lot of cash.

PS Plus February 2022

Subscribers that both have PS Plus and PS Now services will be getting a rather great deal when the all-new PS Plus arrives.

Those who have subscribed to both services and still have many months for each, they will have their accounts converted to PS Plus Premium right away. The best part is the length of the sub for the new Premium. It will follow the one that has a longer stack from either service.

Take this as an example. A subscriber has subscribed to PS Plus for 12 months while also subscribed to PS Now but only for 3 months. His account will now be transformed to PS Plus Premium, the PS Now sub will vanish, but the PS Plus sub will get transferred to Premium. This will make that person have 12 months of PS Plus Premium services.

“If you are subscribed to both services when the new PlayStation Plus launches, you will be migrated into the PlayStation Plus Premium plan and you will have a new single payment date based on whichever subscription is set to end last,” says the FAQ page on the official website. “You will be notified via email of your new payment date and membership fee.”

Subscribers who have a lot of pre-paid (stacked) time left on their membership will be able to keep them within the new service.

This is a great deal for the subscribers as the regular PS Plus Premium are quite expensive especially the yearly version ($199.99). By subscribing to both PS Plus and PS Now at an earlier time, it saves a lot of money on their end.