PS VR2 Major Drawback Confirmed by Sony

It's a really bad gut punch.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially confirmed a PS VR2 major drawback that might not be changed even after launch.

It was recently confirmed by SIE that the PS VR2, the next-generation virtual reality headset, has a rather major drawback that comes together when it launches. According to the gaming company, it will now be backward compatible with the original PS VR games, which is quite sad news for enthusiasts of VR gaming.

The PS VR2 headset is going make some significant advancements though and will introduce new controllers and other features. This is particularly the reason for its difficulty to become compatible with the classic VR games. This was explained by PlayStatoin’s Hideaki Nishino at the latest episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast.

ps vr2

Fans that already have the original PS VR headset and a collection of games will be hugely disappointed as they could not play their collection. It seems SIE is really going to leave behind the old VR headset and move forward to the new one they are releasing in the near future.