PlayStation 4 and 5 Now Offers Share Play Feature

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently announced that players of both PlayStation consoles can now enjoy the Share Play feature.

PS4 and PS5 players can now use Share Play together, which is the best thing to happen for both console owners. This allows them to let a friend watch their gameplay whether from the next-gen console or the current-gen one.

The best part allows both PS4 and PS5 owners to let their friends play their games virtually. For example, PS5 players can share and pass the controls to their friends who have the PS4 and play there. It is stream play, but at least their friends can try out playing PS5 games for the first time.

Both players must have the PlayStation Plus membership to make this work. This only works up to 60 minutes a session.

Finally, a chance for PS4 owners to try out PS5 games via Share Play! Check more information here.