PS4 Software Update 9.00 Is Now Live and here are the Patch Notes

The PS4 just got a few more improvements from Firmware Update Patch 9.00.

The PS4 Update 9.00 is out, and the PS4 is getting a new bunch of quality of life improvements and a few fixes on certain issues.

The update is hovering around a 490 MB file size, which shouldn’t take long to download for most PS4 owners.

The biggest update would be that you can already view your PS5 trophies on your PS4 console.

PS4 System Update 9.00 Firmware Patch Notes

View PS5 Trophies from your PS4 Console

  1. You need to go to the Trophies screen.
  2. You should see the PS5 Trophies under the ‘Games’ tab.

Disband a Party Chat

  1. Under ‘Messages’, if you are the party owner, you should be able to delete or disband the party group without removing the players one by one.
  2. Go to the options menu and choose the ‘Delete Group’ option. Please note, if you delete the party group, everyone in the group will be removed.

Any notable updates on the PS5 from the 9.00 Firmware Update?

There’s a ton, the biggest one yet is the activation of the PS5’s M.2 NVMe SSD slot. PS5 owners should already be aware that their PS5’s storage can finally be expanded. However, there are important things to note when installing an SSD and if you want to check the list of compatible PS5 SSD we have you covered.

If you want to see more details about the 9.00 firmware update, head over to the PlayStation blog.