PS4’s Update 5.50 Beta Starts; Supersampling Mode Revealed For PS4 Pro

PS4’s update 5.50 beta is already in the works according to Sony, and beta testers will be able to get these cool new add-ons. This new upcoming update will give the PS4 Pro a supersampling feature, time management, and some user interface improvements. According to the blog post over at the Official PlayStation Blog, this new update is called “Keiji”.

Key features such as the Play Time Management will allow PS4 owners to set a strict duration for how long one child can play a game. A pop-up notification will let the child know how many minutes he/she has left before the game automatically quits. Another key feature is PS4 owners can now import wallpapers via USB.

With the introduction of the Supersampling Mode, owners can now turn this option on to enhance the game’s visuals. This will make some of the PS4 games run at a higher resolution while downscaling the image to screens running on 2K, 1080p, and 720p. However, this feature might be limited to PS4 Pro supported games as the blog post clearly states “some PS4 games”.

You can check the other improved features of the PS4 from this upcoming update right here.