PS5 Beta Offers New Resolution Support and More

Finally, 1440p support, gamelists, and more!

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently released the new PS5 beta system software that will introduce a new resolution for members.

With the new PS5 beta system software, members who are on the test can now try out several new features that will roll out on official system software releases later on. Beta testers can now enjoy 1440p support, gamelists, and other additional updates that can enhance gaming experiences and make connecting with friends easier on PS5.

Beta access is currently limited to invited participants in select countries only. Those have joined will get an email invitation to download the software today. Some of the features during the beta phase might not make it into the final version or they could have big changes in the future.

More Options for Gameplay and Personalization

PS5 Beta Gets 1440p Support

PS5 Beta will now support 1440p HDMI video output, which allows players to choose another visual option on compatible PC monitors and TVs. If the game has 1440p rendering support, they will be able to experience native 1440p output on the display. Games with a higher native resolution like 4K can get the advantage of better anti-aliasing via supersampling down to 1440p output.

ps5 beta 1440p support

Players can check if their HDMI device is compatible by just choosing the Test 1440p Output option under Screen and Video options within system settings.

Gamelists Now Available

Players can now create gamelists in the Game Library, which will make it easier to organize games. Just go to the Your Collection tab and select Create Gamelist. The games that can be added to the gamelist can be chosen by the player and name it to whatever they want. Just like on the PS4.

Up to 15 gamelists and 100 games per gamelist can be created. The games under the Your Collection tab of the Game Library can be added to the gamelist and that includes the ones on disc, digital, and streaming titles. They can also add the same game in many gamelists.

3D Audio and Stereo Audio Can Be Compared Now

Players can now listen and compare the two different audio settings, 3D Audio and Stereo Audio and they will be on the same screen. They can then choose which one the prefer when playing a game.

In-Progress Actives Easier to Access

In-progress activities are now shown at the top of the game hub when players resume a game. This makes it easier and faster to get go back to where they left their game on.

Introducing More Social Features

Ability to Request Share Screen

Players can now request party members to start Share Screen in order to watch their gameplay. Just go to voice chat card and then select the party member they want to send the request to and then select Request Share Screen option.

New Notification to Join a Game

Players can now get a notification if they are joining a party and a party member is playing the game they can join on. They can now join the game directly with the notification.

Ability to View New Friend’s Profiles

Players are now able to view their new friend’s profile on Accepted Requests after they accept a friend request in the Received list.

Game Base Card Allows Voice Messages and Stickers

Players can now send stickers and voice messages to their groups in the Game Base card.

The PS5 Beta Access is currently available to select players living in Japan, US, Canada, UK, Germany, and France.