PS5 Faceplates Possibly Launching Soon with New Sony Patent

Customized PS5 faceplates soon?!

According a to a newly discovered Sony patent, it could be hinting that official PS5 Faceplates made by Sony Interactive Entertainment will be launching soon.

SIE just published a new patent that would allow a platform holder to manufacture and sell faceplates for the PS5. According to the ones who discovered it, it was first filed last year, November 2020 and now has been granted a year later on November 16, 2021. The legal name of the patent is Cover for Electronic Device, but it can be seen clearly that the image is the PS5 hardware.

Unfortunately, the documents do not state that it would be removable faceplates or another thing entirely like skins that can be applied on the default faceplates. With the many companies that have tried to manufacture their own faceplates recently, it seems to be the right time for SIE to take the reins and make their own to make it official.

The PS5 is a very popular product, and so much so that restocks have been rare these days. The only problem is its default color white which most PlayStation fans do not like. They want to have their own preference and getting various faceplates with different colors could be a good alternative.

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