PS5 Gets New Firmware Update After Earlier Version Launched Days Ago

Strange that a quick update was rolled out.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released yet another PS5 firmware update despite its earlier release, which was just a few days ago.

A new update for the PS5 console has just rolled out recently and it was just roughly two weeks since the recent one. The newest one is version number 21.02-04.03.00 and has the usual file size of 913 MB for download. The only strange part of this was the early release since most updates roll out months after the previous one.

Fans of the PlayStation console are already used to the phrase that each update will have for its description: “This system software update improves system performance.” Yep, it is the usual improvement update for the console and now has come over to the PS5. The tradition continues.

No word on what this update is supposed to be, but there could have been a slight fix for something in the code that the previous firmware missed or it could have been a small improvement. No one from the community is complaining and no bugs have been reported so far, so it is safe to download.

PS5 owners should be able to download it easily as it is prompted when the console is booted. It should also download automatically while left in Rest Mode.