An insider from a local retailer says PS5 PH pre-orders may happen on launch day

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These past few days and weeks have been silent in the Philippines regarding the pre-orders and price of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s next-gen, the PlayStation 5. No news, updates, we are totally in the dark, fellow Filipinos, and it’s kind of depressing.

Only one Southeast Asia country has prices announced as the retailers in Singapore were already given by PlayStation Asia, headed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore (SIES), a go signal to reveal the price and pre-orders in the country. While the other neighboring countries are still waiting for SIES’ approval, the chances of us getting a PS5 on launch this November 19 is starting to get dimmer and dimmer.

It’s disappointing, especially for those who are eager to get their hands on a PS5 on launch. The United States, Japan, Australia/NZ, and South Korea are getting the hardware a week early, yet the rest of the world is a week after. This move is understandable as the console manufacturer tries to keep up with demand, and by having two separate launch dates would give Sony a better idea if they can meet expectations to bring every PS5 to every household around the world.

However, there was an anonymous tip. Someone who works above ranks from a local retailer here in the Philippines has shared some details about the pre-orders. We do not want to specifically state which store to protect the staff.

The pre-orders will presumably start “on” launch day. Now, we have to be very specific here, there are two launch dates: November 12 and November 19. We all know the U.S, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand are on the 12th, while the rest of the world including the UK is on the 19th.

The source didn’t give any specifics. But if we think about a logical business decision and what they have already announced, then PlayStation Asia “might” begin the pre-orders in the Philippines on November 12 (a week before the release date) as it wouldn’t make any sense if they do the pre-orders on November 19 — unless they have a totally separate launch date in the country.

To add, PlayStation Asia already sent out a press release regarding PS4 version of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. We already have a release date (November 12) and a price (an SRP of Php. 2,490), but the e-mail didn’t include any details of the PS5 version.

Furthermore, the source said they already “have” the price of the PS5 but is waiting for PlayStation Asia’s approval to officially announce it.

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The details provided above might or might not be true, so take it with a grain of salt. But there’s already that possibility it can be true as we haven’t been shared with details yet about the availability, launch dates, and even the pricing of the PS5 in the Philippines.

Do you think PlayStation Asia will start the pre-orders for other SEA countries on November 12? Or will it be on November 19? Or even before November 12? All we can do is wait for SIES to announce it officially.